How to Use K-Seal® ULTIMATE

Using K-Seal ULTIMATE to repair head gasket leaks couldn’t be easier. You can be back on the road immediately, with a repair guaranteed for the lifetime of the engine.

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1. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds

K-Seal ULTIMATE will naturally separate if left to sit for an extended period. It’s important to shake the bottle for 30 seconds before application, to ensure an effective treatment.

2. Pour into radiator or header/expansion tank

Pour the entire bottle of K-Seal ULTIMATE into your cooling system. K-Seal ULTIMATE can be used in hot or cold engines. If you are applying to a hot engine be careful as the cooling system will be under pressure. Do not pour K-Seal directly onto the radiator core.

If you are concerned coolant flow is obstructed we recommend flushing the cooling system prior to using any K-Seal products.

3. Run your engine as normal

To effectively locate and seal blown head gaskets, cracked heads or blocks, K-Seal ULTIMATE must flow freely around the cooling system. Bring your engine to its normal operating temperature by idling or gentle driving. K-Seal’s unique formula will permanently fix any leaks in the system, and it is not necessary to remove to formula after use. However, you can flush the system if you wish and any leaks will remain plugged.

Additional installation tips and information

Important Please use caution when working on a hot cooling system as hot coolant and gases could cause injury. If in doubt please consult a qualified mechanic.

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Expert Advice

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