K-Seal® ULTIMATE Guarantee

K-Seal’s unique formula is the only coolant leak and head gasket repair fluid to be scientifically tested and compliant with the ASTM D3147 standard. If K-Seal ULTIMATE does not fix your head gasket failure, cracked block or porous block you can claim a full refund or a replacement bottle.


How to Claim

If you wish to make a claim please complete the K-Seal ULTIMATE Guarantee Claim form associated with your region below.

Please save the form to your local device before completing.

  Please use this form if you are making a claim in the USA or Canada ULTIMATE-Claim-Form-USA

    Please use this form if you are making a claim from anywhere in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand or Australia  ULTIMATE Claim Form (UK – E)

When completed the form and accompanying paperwork can be emailed to info@kseal.com

Please note that if you have purchased K-Seal ULTIMATE outside of any of the countries listed above then I am afraid that we are unable to process any claim as this product is not officially distributed in your area at this time.


Terms & Conditions

If K-Seal ULTIMATE is used as directed and does not successfully repair the coolant leak, or a repair made with K-Seal ULTIMATE fails within 28 days, we will provide a refund of the original purchase value up to the maximum RRP or a replacement bottle or bottles if applicable.

Expert Advice

Head Gasket Failure? Cracked Head or Block?
Leaking Radiator?

Expert Advice

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