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How often should you change a car’s water pump?

A car water pump is integral to the smooth running of the engine, and should therefore be replaced as... Read more

How to flush an engine block

An engine block flush is a relatively simple thing to achieve without having to visit a garage. Flushing out... Read more

How often should you check a car radiator’s water level?

The level of water or coolant in a car radiator should be checked every two weeks or so. On... Read more

What are engine block sleeves?

Engine block sleeves are routinely used in the maintenance and repair of a vehicle’s engine cylinders. They fit over... Read more

When should you change your cylinder head?

A cylinder head sits on top of the cylinder block and plays a key role in allowing the engine... Read more

What causes a cylinder head to warp?

A cylinder head is likely to warp because of the tremendous pressure placed on it by extreme temperature changes... Read more

How to flush a heater core

On a periodic basis, a car’s heater core has to be flushed in order to rid it of the... Read more

How does cold weather affect my car’s radiator?

Apart from forcing us to wrap up in scarves and coats when we leave the house, cold weather when... Read more

5 things you need to do to prepare your car for winter

Now that it’s December, the winter weather is well and truly on the way and, for those of us... Read more

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    Head Gasket Failure? Cracked Head or Block?
    Leaking Radiator?

    Expert Advice

    Where to buy K-Seal

    Have any of these symptoms? K-Seal could save you thousands on a workshop repair. Search for a stockist today!