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What Makes a Car Radiator Overheat?

Why is my car radiator overheating? If a car’s radiator overheats, this will probably... Read more

How to Clean Your Cylinder Heads

It’s important to clean cylinder heads on a regular basis so you can check... Read more

Why is My Heater Matrix Hissing?

The heater matrix in a car’s engine is the source of many of the... Read more

How to Flush a Car Engine Block

An engine block flush is a relatively simple thing to achieve without having to... Read more

What are Engine Block Sleeves?

Engine block sleeves are routinely used in the maintenance and repair of a vehicle’s... Read more

How to Flush a Car Engine Heater Core

On a periodic basis, a car’s heater core has to be flushed in order... Read more

Why is My Heater Matrix Gurgling and Hissing?

Can you hear gurgling or hissing noises when sat in your car? The heater... Read more

Why is Blue Smoke Coming From My Exhaust?

Blue Smoke From Exhaust When Accelerating When blue smoke is emitted from a car’s... Read more

Why is White Smoke Coming From My Exhaust?

Thick white smoke pouring from the exhaust is usually due to a crack in... Read more

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    Head Gasket Failure? Cracked Head or Block?
    Leaking Radiator?

    Expert Advice

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