Diagnose Your Engine Problems

An engine problem can be a sign of a developing coolant leak. Diagnose your fault with our expert guides.

How to tell if my water pump is bad?

What does a water pump do? The purpose of the water pump is to... Read more

What is a normal engine coolant temperature?

Several factors can influence your engine’s coolant temperature, including the engine’s workload, weather conditions,... Read more

Why is my car overheating?

There are several reasons for an overheating car—such as a faulty radiator, failing thermostat,... Read more

Nissan engine problems: which models are affected and why

Like most Japanese cars, Nissans are known for their longevity and reliability. However, there... Read more

Audi engine problems and head gasket issues explained

For many avid drivers, owning an Audi is a life goal. Boasting fantastic interiors... Read more

How to fix common Honda head gasket issues and coolant leaks

Honda vehicles have an excellent reputation for reliability, with many drivers recommending them as... Read more

Tractor head gasket symptoms to watch out for and fix, fast

Whether you use it every day on the farm, or for tasks that need... Read more

How to fix a blown head gasket

Recognizing the signs of a blown head gasket early on and addressing the problem... Read more

Repairing car radiator leaks with a radiator stop leak

What is a car radiator? The main function of a car’s radiator is to... Read more

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    Head Gasket Failure? Cracked Head or Block?
    Leaking Radiator?

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