Head Gasket Leaks

K-Seal provides a permanent repair for most head gasket failures.

What are the Symptoms of Head Gasket Failure?

  • Radiator constantly needs to be topped up with water
  • Increased engine running temperature
  • Cloud of exhaust when the car is started or idling for a long time
  • Smoke from the exhaust
  • Engine gauge showing maximum temperature after a few minutes

If you don’t notice the early symptoms of head gasket leaks and continue to drive the car, things will get progressively worse.

The final, most noticeable symptom is a big cloud of smoke pouring from the exhaust, and the engine gauge showing maximum temperature after a few minutes. Unfortunately, these symptoms often arrive when it is too late to sort the problem out.

Taking this long to spot the problem will hit your wallet hard, because the only thing you can do is take the car to a mechanic and get a quote for replacing the gasket and associated engine damage. It’s not the cost of the new gasket that’s the problem – it’s the labour costs involved in stripping the engine. In some cases, the engine may have to be completely replaced because of excessive damage caused by prolonged heat exposure, thanks to the blown head gasket.

How Much Will Head Gasket Repair Cost at a Garage?

Repairing a blown head gasket is any motorist’s worst nightmare. With the cost of head gasket repairs running into thousands, it’s often easier and cheaper to scrap the vehicle than it is to have it repaired.

Can K-Seal Fix my Head Gasket?

K-Seal will permanently repair and fix most head gasket failures including:

  • Coolant to cylinder leaks
  • Cylinder to coolant leaks
  • Blown head gaskets
  • Coolant to oil leaks (in certain situations)

Want to get hold of a bottle to fix your head gasket? Use our simple stockist search facility and get back on the road – fast.

What is a Head Gasket?

A head gasket has one of the trickiest but most vital jobs within a car’s engine. It is the seal between the engine block and cylinder head, exposed to both high and low pressure levels in addition to a wide range of temperatures. It seals the combustion gases within the engine and keeps out the coolant that is designed to cool the engine cylinder.

How Does a Head Gasket Work?

A head gasket only works as long as the compression seal is intact – the fact that nothing can get past the seal ensures that the engine works perfectly. This is why a leak in that seal can be so devastating for the car’s performance in both the short and long-term.

Why Do Head Gaskets Fail?

Head gaskets perform a task which puts an incredible amount of stress on them, so it’s not surprising that some will fail. However, this can potentially be disastrous as far as the drivability of the car is concerned. There are two major ways the head gasket can fail:

  • Letting combustion gases leak out
  • Letting coolant leak in

If the combustion gases leak out, the engine’s performance drops. If the coolant leaks in, it won’t be going round the cooling system, meaning the engine will overheat.

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