How to fix common Honda head gasket issues and coolant leaks

Honda Civic suffering from head gasket issues? Coolant leaks plaguing your Honda Accord or CR-V? You’re not alone – and K-Seal is here to help.

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Honda vehicles have an excellent reputation for reliability, with many drivers recommending them as ideal used cars due to their models often having plenty of life left in them beyond the 100,000 miles mark.

However, Honda vehicles are not without their engine problems – particularly the popular Honda Civic.

Honda Civic head gasket problems are common

Close-up of a 1.4l Honda petrol engine under the hood of a 2004 Honda Civic.
Close-up of a 1.4l Honda petrol engine under the hood of a 2004 Honda Civic.

Unfortunately, the Honda Civic seems to suffer head gasket problems all too often. In particular, the 7th generation (2000-2005) Honda Civics with 1.2 and 1.5L engines have a reputation for blowing their head gaskets.

Whether this is down to a manufacturer defect isn’t quite clear, but the most common failure allows combustion gases into the cooling system. This gas displaces the coolant, forcing it into the overflow tank and preventing the coolant from cooling the engine.

If you don’t quickly notice a drop in coolant then this can soon cause issues and major damage to the Honda Civic’s engine. On average, a Honda Civic head gasket replacement costs between $980 and $1,260 – a real hit to the wallet if you don’t expect it!

How to identify symptoms of a blown head gasket in Honda Civics and other models

Civics aren’t the only Hondas susceptible to head gasket issues – we’ve also treated Honda Accords and Honda CR-Vs for similar issues over the years. Fortunately, the common symptoms of a blown head gasket in a Honda Civic, or any Honda for that matter, are usually the same for any vehicle:

  • Coolant levels dropping quicker than normal
  • Constantly needing to top up the radiator with water or coolant
  • Increased engine running temperature
  • Cloud of exhaust fumes when idling, or white smoke coming from exhaust
  • Coolant clearly leaking onto the ground beneath the head gasket
  • Bubbles in the radiator and reservoir overflow
  • Milky discoloration of the oil

As soon as you notice any of these symptoms, you need to grab yourself a reliable head gasket sealer to prevent costly head gasket repairs.

Which is the best head gasket sealer for Honda vehicles?

A specialist head gasket sealer and radiator leak repair, K-Seal is designed to prevent head gasket, coolant and radiator leaks in your Honda by sealing up:

  • Holes up to 0.635mm / 0.025in in diameter
  • Cracks up to 0.254mm / 0.01in wide by 12.7mm / 0.5in in length

Unlike other head gasket sealers on the market, K-Seal only requires you to shake your bottle, pour the contents into the radiator or header/expansion tank and leave the engine idling so it can work its way through the system to seal leaks and cracks in your engine.

It really is that simple – and why so many of our customers agree that K-Seal is the best head gasket sealer for Honda vehicles.

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A coolant leak could also be the cause of your Honda’s engine problems

Coolant leaks in Honda Accords and Honda CR-Vs are a common complaint. Honda Odyssey coolant leaks are also not unheard of.

However, the worst issues occur in the 2006-2009 Civic models. Prone to coolant leaks, overheating and complete engine failure, this is all due to cracks in the engine block. This prompted Honda to recall a number of vehicles and extend their warranty for these models to increase customer confidence in the model.

If you are out of warranty then potentially having to repair your engine block could cost thousands. Fortunately, K-Seal can fix coolant leaks and cracked engine blocks with ease.

A satisfied customer review: 1 bottle of K-Seal fixed the cracked block in his Honda Civic
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Could other parts of my Honda’s engine be affected?

K-Seal is designed as a head gasket sealer and radiator leak repair, so obviously it’s best suited to fixing coolant leaks, radiator problems or blown head gaskets. But there’s plenty of other issues Hondas can suffer from.

Honda CR-Vs owners complain of stalled engines

Dating back to early 2017, owners have regularly complained to Honda about this SUV stalling for no apparent reason.

Mechanics and dealers have diagnosed this as being a fault with fuel leaking into the oil, with many owners opting to get the oil changed as a stopgap solution. Honda even ended up recalling 380,000 CR-Vs and Civics in China in February 2018 due to this issue, but no permanent solution seems to have been found.

K-Seal unfortunately can’t fix this issue, so it’s best to head to your nearest dealer if you’re suffering similar problems.

Knowing your Honda’s engine could make all the difference

No matter the model of your Honda, the best way to help diagnose your engine problem is to understand your engine.

Select an engine part in the interactive diagram below to explore a typical car engine and the important components that keep everything ticking over.

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Still not sure what the problem is? Try our 60 second problem solver to quickly diagnose any issues.

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