How to tell if my water pump is bad?

If you are routinely experiencing cooling system problems such as overheating or coolant leaks you could have a faulty water pump. Learn how to identify if your water pump is bad and how you can fix it. Where to Buy K-Seal

What does a water pump do?

The purpose of the water pump is to move coolant around the engine so it can transfer heat from the hot engine block to the radiator where it can be cooled by the air.

The water pump will increase or decrease the rate at which coolant flows around the engine, depending on how the vehicle is being driven. At high engine revs, such as driving at speed or pulling a heavy load, the pump will work harder to push coolant faster around the engine and back to the radiator. At lower revs the pump will slow the coolant flow and this helps to maintain a constant engine temperature.

A correctly functioning water pump will deliver cool water (coolant) to the hot parts of the engine and then move that back to the radiator to allow the heat to be removed from the engine.

You will be able to identify a failing water pump because the engine will overheat. If you notice this you must take action immediately.

What are the signs of a bad water pump?

1. A Coolant leak at the front and center of your car

Generally the water pump is located in the front and center of your car’s engine bay. A leak in this area is a likely sign of a faulty water pump.

Leaks tend to occur when the gaskets and seals that connect the water pump to the cooling system fail as they get older, causing coolant liquid to leak and puddle under the engine.

Make sure your water pump issues don’t turn into a coolant leak

This can grow into a more serious issue when the water pump casing develops a leak. If you ignore this the engine will overheat due to bad coolant flow causing further damage to the engine block and head, eventually wrecking the engine.

Look out for coolant puddles under the engine, usually green or red liquid. If you see this then it’s time to add K-Seal Coolant Leak Repair to fix the water pump problem fast.

2. Water pump pulley is loose and making whining sounds

If you can hear a high pitched sound from under the hood this may be down to a loose water pump drive belt. If you ignore this you’ll end up damaging the water pump which means you’ll need a whole new water pump. Get it seen by a professional mechanic as soon as possible.

3. Engine is overheating

If a water pumping is leaking it cannot efficiently move coolant around the engine. If that happens the engine will get hotter and will eventually overheat. At first the temperature gauge will hit the red, then you’ll start seeing steam from under the hood.

Doing nothing you will prove costly, an overheated engine can cost you thousands of dollars in repair bills.

How to solve your water pump problems, fast

If you suspect you have a leaking water pump, or any other leak in the cooling system, then add K-Seal to the cooling system now. It will solve your cooling system and water pump problems, fast.

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