Vauxhall Corsa 1997

Having had a Vauxhall Corsa (Old 1997?) that had been using coolant for a while I finally decided to do somethiong about it. It was definately the head gasket that was the problem but luckily it wasn’t over pressurising. I decided to give K-Seal a go as it had been recommended to me by a friend. Before purchasing I rang K-Seal and spoke with Colin who was very helpful and gave me advice on the best way to use the product but did warn me that Vauxhalls were sometimes a problem and that K-seal might not work. He very kindly offered a full refund if K-Seal didn’t work for me.
I purchased K-Seal Ultimate as I wanted the best chance of it working and also some new coolant (although this isn’t strictly neccessary as it will work with any type of coolant in the system but if it did fix it at least it would have new coolant!). I drained the system right down and then refilled with K-Seal into the header tank and then coolant afterwards to flush it into the system.
The engine was run up to full operating temperature until the cooling fan cut in and then allowed to cool; I did this a couple of times. I wasn’t entirely sure if the fix had worked and on inspection noticed that quite a bit of the K-Seal was still in the header tank. I drained some of the system down and then used it to flush the K-Seal back in from the header tank so I knew all the product was in the engine (Very important). I ran it up a couple of times more and then took it for a drive, about 40 miles. On returning it didn’t seem to have used any coolant so it looked as if it had worked. I needed to do a long journey so decided to risk using the car. After a 220 mile run to London I checked to coolant and not a drop had been used!!! I have since used the car on a regular basis without it using any more coolant. Many thanks to Colin & K-Seal.

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