Case Studies

Reza Tabrizi, USA

3rd August 2016 I had put 2 bottles of K-Seal in my BMW – previously used Blue Devil and Bars that could... Read more

Cherrett, UK

20th May 2016 I had seen all sorts of horror stories on the internet about ‘blocked oilways’ and ‘snake oil’ for similar... Read more

Howard Collins, Nevada USA

11th April 2016 Actually heard about you when I picked up the little blue bottle at my local Auto Zone. I knew... Read more

Werner, USA

16th February 2016 Heard about K-Seal from a friend who is a heavy equipment mechanic. He said they have been using K-Seal... Read more

John Thompson, Pennsylvania USA

1st February 2016 I have a Dodge Dakota and I disconnected the heater core over a year ago because it started leaking... Read more

John Boyd, USA

28th January 2016 Well I have become your greatest fan! Absolutely phenomenal product! So far, so good! Hasn’t leaked a drop since I followed the... Read more

Nathan Smith, UK

25th January 2016 I like how much your company believes in its product and offers this guarantee but also delivers on it.... Read more

Brian Campbell, USA

11th January 2016 That worked. Thanks for all your help. You saved me $3000.00 Read more

IT WORKS!!! Steven Hill, Delaware USA

18th December 2015 The local mechanic wanted to charge me $1200 for a new water pump. My friend showed me some other... Read more

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