5 Tips to Keep Your Engine Cool this Summer

Did you know that, according to the AA, around 60% of engine failures are attributed to cooling system problems? Don’t let this happen to your motor.

Here are K-Seal’s top tips to keep your cooling system in tip-top condition before you head to the beach.

  1. Make sure the coolant is topped up to the correct level. Do this when the engine is cold and parked on a level surface.
  2. If you haven’t had the coolant changed recently get this done by your local workshop. Even in the summer it’s important to have the correct antifreeze/coolant ratio.  The chemicals in antifreeze also help keep the engine cool and protect the cooling system components all year round. Your workshop can easily test the quality of the coolant already in the cooling system.
  3. Check the cooling fan(s) is functioning correctly; particularly important when you’re stuck in a jam on a hot day. It keeps air flowing through the radiator which keeps the engine at the correct temperature.
  4. Check there are no blockages in the cooling system, especially the radiator. Are the water pump and thermostat working properly? If these fail you’ll quickly overheat and this means serious engine damage.
  5. Stick a bottle of K-Seal Coolant Leak Repair in the glove box ready for when emergency strikes. It’s a lot cheaper (and quicker) than having a coolant leak repaired by a workshop. Even if you don’t use it you’ll be guaranteed to come across another motorist that does. And that means free ice creams all round!

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