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K-Seal is a scientifically tested head gasket sealer and coolant repair solution.

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As a trade favourite K-Seal is available nationwide from more than 2,500 car parts and accessory stores. While K-Seal is not available from Halfords, independent market research from the last 4 years found that 9 out of 10 professional stockists would recommend K-Seal Coolant Leak Repair to their customers.

K-Seal has been tested by Brighton University Engineering Division and is the only product to have been independently proven to meet ASTM D3147, the global standard for coolant stop leak products.

K-Seal was first launched in the UK in 2003 and since then has sold over 6 million bottles. It is the product of choice for the leading UK roadside recovery organisations and is know by the trade as the “miracle in the little blue bottle”

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Head Gasket Failure? Cracked Head or Block?
Leaking Radiator?

Expert Advice

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