The Top 7 Quick Fixes for Common Motoring Problems

There’s no question that car trouble can be an annoying, costly, and time consuming event for car owners.

From white smoke to check engine lights, flat tires and those rattles that never seem to go away, there has to be a way to fix it all without spending some serious dough, right?

K-Seal aims to keep drivers on the road, and we certainly know how popular a small but effective solution to car problems can be. With that said, here are our top seven quick fixes for common car problems that’ll have you on the move in no time at all and without breaking the bank!

Why does my car battery keep dying?

Uh-oh, you’re out of electrical power. First, check the battery charge with a tester (if you don’t have one, some garages or retail stores check it for free). You have two options – either go and buy a charger and hook it up to the mains or try a jump start. For the latter, get some jump leads and find a friend with a ‘donor’ car. Hook up the jump cables to the battery (these are usually color coded), positive to positive, negative to a metal earth point on the car (not the battery!). Start the donor car. After a minute, start the other car and leave it running to charge. Remove the cables and off you go.

How do I change faulty spark plugs?

Very easy to solve, and takes about 10 minutes. Locate the spark plugs and take off the covers, then unscrew them. Clean off the general area a bit, and then put in some new ones. Put the covers back on. Start your engine to test that they’re working correctly.

How do I check the oil dipstick?

This one is a pretty easy fix that anyone can do. Locate your dipstick and do the usual release, wipe, dip and release to gauge just how low your levels are. Go to a store and buy the proper motor oil for your engine. Locate the oil filler cap and pour it in. Start your engine to get the oil moving around the system. You’re good to go.

How do I fix an engine coolant leak?

This sounds like a problem for K-Seal to fix. Rather than go to a mechanic, simply get a bottle of K-Seal, shake it up and pour the whole contents into the recovery tank or radiator, NOT the core. Run the engine up to the normal operating temperature and watch any cooling system leaks stop in minutes.

I have lost my gas cap?

Garages can give you a replacement for a very small fee, and fixing a loose gas cap is something most technicians will do for free! Alternatively, just take off the old one and screw on the new one yourself; it’s straightforward enough.

How do I replace an oxygen sensor?

Another easy fix that’ll stop your car thinking it’s using fuel too quickly. Simply locate your oxygen sensor, unclip it from the wire harness and unscrew from its bung. Screw in the new one and hook it back up to the wire harness. Problem solved.

Is changing a flat tire difficult?

Everyone hates flat tires. You have two options – call a tow service and have them come and help out, or roll up your sleeves and change it manually. First, loosen the lug nuts with the tire on the ground. Do NOT remove completely. Jack up the car using the car’s jacking points (check the owner’s manual for these locations) and finish unscrewing the wheel lugs. Remove the old wheel and put the new wheel on. Tighten the lugs by hand until tight. Lower the car down slowly, and torque the lugs to recommended specs (check the owner’s manual for specs) using a torque wrench. Now that’s a successful pit stop.

The bottom line is that if you feel confident enough, it’s possible to fix a range of different car problems quickly and easily at home. K-Seal always urges you to visit a mechanic if you aren’t 100% sure or capable of fixing an issue, or it looks to be serious. When it comes to engine coolant leaks or head gasket repair, there’s no better solution than “the miracle in the little blue bottle.”

Article Sources: Auto Repair
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