Is Head Gasket Sealant Safe To Use?

Is head gasket sealant safe to use?

When you are buying a product to fix a problem with your vehicle; in this case, to make a head gasket repair, you naturally need reassuring that it is 100% safe to use.

When you choose K-Seal Ultimate to fix your head gasket, you are choosing a head gasket sealant that has undergone rigorous independent testing. It is a safe and effective product; one that you can use without the need for any special skills or experience.

Independent testing to ASTM D3147 standard

K-Seal Ultimate has been independently tested by the engineering division at Brighton University to meet the ASTM D3147 coolant stop leak standard. What is more, it is the only coolant leak repair product to have been independently tested by a University to meet this standard. Part of the strict requirements of ASTM D3147 is that a coolant stop leak product should pass through a filter of 0.85 mm without clogging or gelling. This ensures that the product will not block even the narrowest passageways in the cooling system. K-Seal Ultimate was proven not to block even the narrowest waterways in the cooling system.

Also as part of the testing, K-Seal Ultimate sealed holes up to 0.025 inch and cracks up to 0.01 inch.

The ceramic microfibres in K-Seal Ultimate have been scientifically engineered to seal leaks up to 0.635 mm in size (most leaks are in fact much smaller than this). These microfibres will naturally migrate to the pressure differential caused by the coolant leak or failure. The leak is repaired and the ceramic ingredient cures to make a long-lasting repair that is guaranteed for the lifetime of the engine.

K-Seal Ultimate head gasket repair

K-Seal Ultimate head gasket sealant is also safe for you to apply

You do not need any mechanical or engineering experience whatsoever.

  • No special tools are required
  • Unlike other products there is no need to add or remove the antifreeze
  • It’s as easy as topping up the water
  • You shake the bottle, add the entire contents to the cooling system and start the engine

Although you can add K-Seal Ultimate to a hot engine, we advise you to work with a cold engine; it’s much safer. With a hot engine, the coolant will be hot and under pressure so take extra care.

Please note that if you suspect that your cooling system is already blocked or restricted, you must clean and flush the system beforehand.

K-Seal money back guarantee

We’re so confident that a single bottle of K-Seal Ultimate will fix the leak in your head gasket and save you hundreds, even thousands of pounds, that in the rare event that it does not effect a permanent repair we offer a full money back guarantee.

Find out where to buy K-Seal Ultimate and be confident knowing that you are buying a tried and tested product that is also safe for you to apply and that has been proven to work on millions of vehicles worldwide.

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