Common car radiator leak symptoms

A leaking car radiator can cause your engine to overheat, causing serious damage to your engine. Find out how to identify the symptoms early and fix them with K-Seal.

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What are the symptoms of car radiator leaks?

The most common symptoms of radiator leaks and radiator failure include:

  • Frequent engine overheating.
  • A puddle underneath the engine.
  • Coolant levels dropping rapidly.

All three of these symptoms relate to coolant leaks. The best way to check if you have a coolant leak is to check your car radiator’s water and coolant levels every two weeks or so.

How to check your car for radiator and coolant leaks

On most cooling systems, there will be a visible maximum and minimum level indicator that car owners can use to judge the level of coolant – ideally it will always be between those two marks. Coolant levels will decrease naturally, but a large drop over a short space of time will indicate a car radiator leak.

Sure signs of a car radiator leak include:

An engine is topped up with coolant.
Radiator constantly needing to be topped up with water or coolant.
A dashboard indicator shows that a car's engine is starting to overheat.
Frequent engine overheating – keep an eye on the temperature gauge.
An engine warning light on the dashboard indicates the engine is overheating.
Engine gauge showing maximum temperature after a few minutes.
Underside of a car shows liquid dripping to the ground, forming a puddle.
Puddle underneath the engine – this will indicate a leaking radiator.

Should I drive with a car radiator leak?

If you’re willing to keep topping the radiator up and the symptoms don’t worsen, your engine will keep running for a time, but eventually the engine will break down.

In our experience, you shouldn’t drive at all once you’ve discovered one of these symptoms of a car radiator leak. Instead, we recommend you:

  1. Find your nearest supplier of K-Seal.
  2. Grab yourself a bottle of this radiator leak sealant.
  3. Shake the bottle.
  4. Pour it into your car radiator or expansion tank.
  5. Run the engine…and go!

K-Seal will permanently repair your car radiator leak straight away, putting a stop to those troublesome symptoms and saving your wallet from costly radiator leak repairs.

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