What kind of engine problems do Fords commonly suffer from?

A number of common engine problems for your Ford can be easily fixed with K-Seal.

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Typically considered a very reliable car manufacturer, models like the Ford Ka, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo are household names; highly-rated among drivers for their durability. Ford Transits are also very popular choices due to their added versatility as both cargo and passenger van.

However, like any make of vehicle, common engine problems occur in even the most reliable of Ford models. Some Ford models are often more susceptible to water pump problems and coolant leaks than others. Inevitably this can lead to white smoke coming from your exhaust, an overheated engine, or even a blown head gasket. And that’s where the cost of repairs can really hit your wallet.

Which Ford models tend to suffer from water pump problems?

Problematic water pumps can be a feature of many Ford Fiestas. This causes water to leak into the footwells of some cars, resulting in damp. The greater risk of this, however, is that a water pump leak in a Ford Fiesta could prevent your coolant circulating freely through your engine, and result in it overheating.

Ford Focus and Ford Transit water pumps also have a tendency to leak, so keep an eye on your coolant levels to make sure a problem doesn’t develop.

How to tell if your Ford’s engine coolant is leaking

If you notice the coolant indicator on your dashboard dropping quickly over a short space of time, this is a sign your coolant might be leaking. Left unchecked, this could result in your engine quickly overheating, requiring costly repairs due to a blown head gasket, or worse.

To prevent this and save yourself the money, you can apply K-Seal to fix the problem. Once added to the coolant mixture, K-Seal will prevent the engine from overheating by rapidly sealing the crack or hole responsible for the leak. Widely available, you can find your nearest stockist using our handy search tool.

Watch out for coolant leaks if you have Ecoboost

Ford Focus models with EcoBoost engines seem to suffer the most from engine failure due to coolant leaks. Early versions with 2.3-litre Ford Focus Ecoboost units can emit white smoke from the exhaust because of this. This is caused by coolant leaking into the cylinders, which the engine then burns – producing this distinctive smoke. Some owners suggest this originally stems from the head gasket failing to seal the engine block to the head effectively in these particular models.

While K-Seal can fix this for you, currently Ford is offering free inspections and repairs for the 2016-17 model, so make sure you make the most of it if you notice a problem.

Could other parts of my engine be affected?

Although we’ve mentioned the most common issues your Ford may encounter or be suffering from, this is not an exhaustive list.

Select an engine part in the interactive diagram below to explore your engine and the important components that keep everything ticking over. Alternatively, try our 60 second problem solver to quickly identify what your issue is from the symptoms.


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