What is a normal engine coolant temperature?

Learn why maintaining the correct coolant temperature is vital to ensuring your vehicle is operating at the maximum efficiency and why running too hot or cold will cost you money in the long run.

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Is my coolant temperature running too hot?

Your engine running at a normal coolant temperature depends on a lot of different factors including how hard the engine has to work, the weather, and the condition of the cooling system itself.

You should always keep an eye on the engine (coolant) temperature gauge to see if it starts to run too hot. If it ever goes into the red stop the car before you cause any serious damage to the engine. Normal coolant temperature will be around 195 to 220 Fahrenheit (approx 90°C) and anything above or below this can start causing problems.

Why is too hot coolant a bad thing?

Although your vehicle may still run when the temperature is too high, you will be causing unseen damage to the engine internals. This can include fuel combustion issues (knocking), increased fuel consumption, damage to the pistons due to excess heat and ultimately head gasket failure or a cracked or warped head.

If you have head gasket or block damage then consider using K-Seal to make a repair and save money over expensive mechanic bills.

An engine warning light on the dashboard indicates the engine is overheating.
Don’t let your engine overheat.

How to check your engine coolant temperature

The engine (coolant) temperature display on your dashboard will give you a general idea if you are running too hot or cold.

Generally cars built after 1996 will have an electronic temperature gauge and this can be checked using a diagnostics device. You can purchase a device yourself or have a mechanic check the gauge so you can be sure that the vehicle gauge is reading correctly.

How can using K-Seal help your engine coolant temperature?

If you suspect there is a coolant leak then we recommend adding a bottle of K-Seal to the cooling system. Use K-Seal Coolant Leak Repair for general leaks or K-Seal Ultimate for head gasket, head and block problems.

Once you fix the leak then the coolant temperature should return to normal but always keep an eye on the gauge.


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