What do customers think of K-Seal?

31st October 2018

“K-Seal is the best stop leak I’ve used!

This product stops leaks like no other product that I have used. No time consuming flushing just add and go. I stopped leaks on an EGR cooler on my school bus It has been over a year and no leaks. This saved me over $1,000 dollars!”

Robert, Haugers Auto

“That worked. Thanks for all your help. You saved me $3000!”

Brian Campbell, USA

“I had seen all sorts of horror stories on the internet about ‘blocked oilways’ and ‘snake oil’ for similar products. I was motivated to buy this product because I had had excellent results with K-Seal.

I had a minor break to the head gasket of my 300Tdi Defender, consequently skimmed and repaired, but despite pressure testing I experienced occasional symptoms of the original problem. The independent Land Rover garage determined that there was a tiny fault in the head, they used K-Seal and it has been problem free ever since.”

Adrian Cherrett, UK

“2 1/2 years ago, I used K-Seal to stop a head gasket leak on a ’97 2.2L Sunfire motor, with 175K miles. Poured it in as directed, and the leak stopped within an hour. Nearly 2 years, and 25K miles later, it has remained relatively leak free!

There are many similar products on the market, but in my opinion, this is the best.”

Richard Whittemore

“Your product is a miracle product. I had a leak in my water pump and I didn’t have money to repair my water pump. I bought k seal and it repaired it instantly. It was a life saver – thank you for creating this product.”

Christine Young, South Carolina

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