Using a Head Gasket Sealer

How does a head gasket sealer like K-Seal work?

The secret to K-Seal’s success lies in the unique combination of copper particles and scientifically engineered ceramic microfibres that comprise the solution. The solution as a whole can be added to existing coolant without the system needing to be drained or flushed at any point in the process, which can be a time-consuming task common with other sealing products.

The particles and microfibres will then mesh together inside cracks and holes to close them – they will only repair holes that are up to 0.635mm in diameter, so there is no chance of them accidentally blocking other tubes and openings within the engine. This repair is extremely strong and permanent, lasting for as long as the engine does – with other sealants, the repair is only a quick ‘get-you-home’ fix.

It’s clear, then, that K-Seal head gasket repair offers the following three features:

  • An impeccable safety record as far as the whole engine is concerned
  • Simplicity in its usage (simply shake, pour and go)
  • A high operational level within the engine to create permanent repairs only where needed

Why is K-Seal the best head gasket sealer?

When a head gasket blows or develops a leak, the entire engine is put at risk. This can be an extremely expensive problem to rectify, so it is vital that it is sorted out as soon as an issue is identified.

The best and most effective sealant products are manufactured by K-Seal. All of the leading roadside repair and recovery organisations use K-Seal technology because it mixes successfully with all kinds of antifreeze and engine coolant in order to repair failures, preventing combustion gases escaping and coolant leaking into the engine cylinder.

Tested independently by the engineering department of the University of Brighton to ensure that the products meet industry standards, K-Seal, K-Seal Ultimate and K-Seal HD (designed for use in large vehicles such as HGVs and tractors) are the first choice of motorists on a global scale.

How do I use a head gasket sealer like K-Seal?

It couldn’t be simpler to use K-Seal products to repair a blown or leaking head gasket on your car. Simply visit our instructions page for more information.

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