Can you drive with a blown head gasket?

Blown your head gasket? Keep driving with a blown head gasket and it will inevitably lead to further car trouble. K-Seal can stop the problem in its tracks, before it’s too late.

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Technically you can drive with a blown head gasket, but we’d always advise against it. So why is driving with a blown head gasket such a terrible idea?

Why you should avoid driving with a blown head gasket

Since a head gasket acts as a seal, the moment it blows there will be an immediate loss of pressure in your engine. This loss of pressure means the pistons in the combustion chamber will no longer be firing with force, and you will feel a significant loss of power.

No longer pressurised within their dedicated passageways, oil and coolant will then start to leak into areas of the engine that they do not belong, such as the combustion chamber. The coolant may then mix with your motor oil, diluting the oil and reducing your engine’s ability to properly lubricate important parts of your engine, such as your cam shaft or crank bearings. Without the proper lubrication, this will quickly lead to bearing damage, and the need for an engine rebuild.

Two men look concerned with hands on the back of their heads as they look at a broken down car with the hood propped open.
Driving with a blown head gasket could result in the need for expensive repairs.

But there’s a more urgent issue to be aware of if you’re driving with a blown head gasket: if the coolant is leaking, then it’s no longer available to cool down the engine. Without this support, the engine will soon overheat if you keep driving – leading to further cracking and damage to your engine. And that can mean needing to pay for expensive repairs or replacement parts.

Does driving with a blown head gasket ruin an engine?

The longer you keep driving with a leaking or blown head gasket, the more damage you will do to your engine. Fail to fix it quickly, and this can result in costly repairs, numbering in the thousands. Instead, don’t take the risk of ruining your engine – grab a bottle of K-Seal from your local supplier and fix the problem, fast.

How long can you drive with a blown head gasket?

Not very long at all. If you’ve noticed some common symptoms of a leaking or blown head gasket, then you still have time to fix the problem with a head gasket sealer like K-Seal, K-Seal HD and K-Seal Ultimate. However, once a head gasket blows your car will lose power, making it very difficult to keep going – whether you want to keep driving or not!

Is it safe to drive with a blown head gasket?

No, the sooner you get it fixed, the better. Aside from the damage it will do to your engine, driving with a blown head gasket can be dangerous. For starters, if you’re checking under the hood to identify the problem, hot escaping coolant can cause burns and even start a fire if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s all the more important to get hold of a head gasket sealer like K-Seal to fix your head gasket, fast.

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