Why K-Seal Is Top Of The Big Leak League!

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Don’t be put off from buying K-Seal by assuming that such a little bottle with such a modest price tag means it can only work on small leaks. It’s designed to seal big leaks too.


K-Seal Coolant Leak Head Gasket Repair Kalimex

There are many coolant leak repair products available – some that come in big bottles with equally big prices.






K-Seal Coolant Leak Head Gasket Repair KalimexIn independent testing conducted by the engineering team at Brighton University in scientific conditions, the results on K-Seal’s ability to seal small and big leaks were conclusive:


K-Seal Coolant Leak Head Gasket Repair Kalimex“The test data shows that K-Seal is capable of sealing 0.025in (0.635mm) diameter holes and 0.010in (0.254mm) wide by 0.5in (12.7mm) long slots satisfactorily in accordance with ASTM D3147 test method.”


K-Seal Coolant Leak Head Gasket Repair KalimexFurther testing demonstrated that K-Seal sealed the leaks in test conditions 100% of the time. That’s why so many professional motor mechanics refer to K-Seal as “the miracle in the little blue bottle.”

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