K-Seal Sales Top 3 Million Worldwide

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Millions Sold Worldwide

With K-Seal now rolling out nationwide in the USA through O’Reilly, PEP Boys and from 2014 NAPA and Advance, global sales are at an all-time high – with sales topping 3 million bottles.


Although the UK is the original home of K-Seal permanent coolant leak repair, it is gaining momentum in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Asia and of course the USA. The memorable strapline “Don’t just seal it, K-Seal it” has proven to be very popular in the USA too.


If your head gasket has sprung a leak, try a bottle of K-Seal. A repair made with K-Seal is guaranteed for the lifetime of the engine. With its easy shake, pour and go application, you can quickly sort out that leak and save a load of money!


Amazingly, if all of those bottles were laid side by side they would stretch for just over 149 miles.


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