Amazon 5 Star Reviews For April

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April has been a great month for receiving Amazon reviews and here are some of the best….


K-Seal 5 Star Amazon Review 05

Lived up to expectations, did exactly what it says on the tin. Would recommend to anyone as a precaution plus easy to use



K-Seal 5 Star Amazon Review 03

This product is Gods gift to the k-series engine. Known for its cooling issues this product will save the day if any arise.



K-Seal 5 Star Amazon Review 02

My Citroen AX1.5d was consuming vast quantities of water,due to exhaust gasses working their way into the coolant, causing it to come out of the expansion tank. Since using K-Seal., though not cured, the problem is now much better and has been for over six months. So if you want something to keep you car going until the next MOT, then you really couldn’t do much better.



K-Seal 5 Star Amazon Review 01

Worked on a Citroen Berlingo’s leaky matrix (which caused an absolute pong!!) and is still going strong – 100% recommended.



K-Seal 5 Star Amazon Review 04

I have a 1998 Toyota Carolla which developed a slow coolant leak some time ago. I had identified that it was the water pump which was leaking, and needed replacing. Due to the car being a banger which was never expected to last more than a year (bought for £290), I was content so subsist with it by topping up the coolant occasionally rather than fork out on a garage repair bill which may have matched the cars’ value.

The problem escalated however (as these things tend to do), and the coolant top-ups became more and more frequent. Soon I was having to put in a liter or two every day (luckily by this point it was spring season so I wasn’t having to spend a fortune on anti-freeze!). The MOT was up in 2 months and I suspected it wouldn’t make it through without work exceeding the value of the car, so I was determined just to stick it out until the end. This became impractical however when things got so bad that there was a trail of water under the car wherever it went, leaving the coolant system completely empty within minutes and limiting my range to only a few miles without stopping to re-fill it (luckily I work only a few miles from home so I was still able to make my daily commute with the critically wounded beast).

I finally gave in and decided I could drag the poor girl around in this state no longer, so took her to the garage for a quote to replace the water pump. As feared, I was quoted ~£250 (although I am told by some that this seems exorbitant). I thanked the mechanic for having a look, and informed him that it wasn’t economical given the state and value of the car, and that I had resigned to take her in for scrap. He agreed with my judgment on the value of the repair, but in an act of compassion advised me to try K-Seal before I completely gave up on her. I explained to him that the leak was so bad that it was hemorrhaging 3 liters every few miles, and that I doubted it could do anything on such a massive gaping wound. He still urged me to try it, saying that in his experience as a mechanic, K-Seal was truly remarkable and he had seen it perform miracles.

So I decided to take the ~£10 gamble on the supposed “magical elixir of life”, fully expecting it to fail on such an advanced injury, and kicking myself for having not thought to try it sooner and allowing it to progress so far.

And the results? Incredible!!! Within minutes of pouring it into the radiator, the steady stream of water pouring out the bottom of the car had slowed to a drip. Several minutes later, the drips had reduced in size and frequency to the point where they were barely visible. I filled her back up and took her for a short drive. Upon returning, there was still a slight drip coming from the water pump, but it was reduced so much that the car had lost only half a pint after a journey of several miles, whereas previously it would have leaked it’s entire 3 liters. Although it wasn’t 100% fixed, it was ecstatic with the results, as this would at least allow me to get another couple of months out of the car until the MOT was up.

I continued to drive it normally, checking underneath for any drips and topping up a small amount of coolant daily. Several weeks on, the leak has actually continued to improve, to the point where I am now putting in maybe 100ml of water every few days. Due the amount of coolant (and by extension, the magical elixir) which leaked out initially and in the subsequent days after use, there is little if any K-seal still remaining in the system now. If, by some miracle, the car makes it through the MOT which is due very soon, I am considering adding a 2cnd bottle to the system, to completely seal up the very slight leak that still remains.

The verdict? Well I’m sure you get the idea if you’ve read this far down…. this stuff is AMAZING!!! It was able to repair a water pump casing that was leaking so bad there was literally a trail of water behind the car, almost completely sealing it 100%, and I am pretty sure the only reason there is still a miniscule leak remaining is because the K-Seal had been discharged before it could completely finish the job.

Oh, and one final note -The heater still works ~100%. I had accepted that a likely casualty of this repair would be the heater, due to the K-Seal working upon contact with air, and the coolant system leaking so quickly that the K-Seal would end up sat in an empty heater matrix, likely plugging up the various small channels. I am further delighted to find that the heater still works seemingly as well as it ever did (although it’s hard to tell as it’s not nearly as cold nowadays, and it is not being relied upon as much). One possible reason, and this could be a bit of advice for anyone else using this product, is that I had the presence of mind to turn the heater off before adding the K-Seal, thereby isolating the heater matrix from the flow of the K-Seal particles, and didn’t turn it on again until several days later when I imagined the K-Seal had become diluted to the point of being less of a threat.

And Finally, on the note of K-Seal sealing up heater/radiator channels when exposed to air – there was no way I could keep the radiator topped up 100% initially, as the coolant was leaking so fast. So surely parts of the radiator sat empty and vulnerable to plugging by the K-Seal magic particles. Well it’s been several weeks and the coolant keeps at normal temperature, never over-heating as you might expect with a blocked up radiator. So one more reason not to be afraid to give this stuff a try.

As an addendum, I could see why someone with a fairly new, valuable car might hesitate to use this stuff. But as I described, my situation was the worst of the worst, and the radiator and heater don’t seem to have suffered any noticeable damage from using it, despite having been exposed to air during the treatment. So I would definitely consider using it in a decent car, depending on the cost of a repair. And as far as an older car goes, that maybe only has a few months or years left in it, I wouldn’t hesitate one minute – go get a bottle of the Magical Elixir, it will serve you well!

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