Don’t Forget to Carry These in Your Car!

It’s summer which means more driving to lovely places. Make sure you’ve packed the following in your car before you head for those hills!

  1. Bottled water in a cool bag so it’s not piping hot by the time you get to it
  2. A bottle of K-Seal permanent coolant leak repair to get you home if your radiator unexpectedly leaks
  3. Your sat-nav fully updated
  4. Small change for parking (and you thought it was free!)
  5. A replenished first aid kit
  6. High energy snacks in case that traffic jam lasts forever
  7. Your sunglasses to avoid that early morning dazzle
  8. A tube of Quiksteel multipurpose epoxy putty
  9. A gas can in case you have to walk to the nearest garage
  10. A torch in case you do break down in the dark…
  11. A charming and entertaining companion to make the journey fun!

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Expert Advice

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