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Foto0016With so many coolant leak repair products to choose from, how can you tell a great product from one that’s not so great? Here are 4 good reasons why you can trust



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K-Seal is the original Super Concentrated permanent leak repair product





Millions Sold Worldwide


Over 6 million bottles of K-Seal have sold worldwide




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K-Seal is the most popular and trusted coolant leak product with professional motor mechanics. It was given a “top product award 2012” by Professional Motor Mechanic magazine




Reassuringly, K-Seal has been tested under independent laboratory conditions to the exacting ASTM D-3147 standard and proven in these tests to beat competitors at sealing the largest leaks



Contact your local stockist if you’ve got a big leak or a small leak in your head gasket, block or radiator and ask him for K-Seal.

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Head Gasket Failure? Cracked Head or Block?
Leaking Radiator?

Expert Advice

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Have any of these symptoms? K-Seal could save you thousands on a workshop repair. Search for a stockist today!

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