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K-Seal ASTM Testing

The latest edition on Autobiz (April 2014) highlights K-Seal’s impressive independent Brighton University testing to ensure K-Seal meets the stringent ASTM D3147 standard for Stop-Leak Additives for Engine Coolants. They said:


“In the last 30 months, K-Seal has been tested extensively by the engineering team at Brighton University, to prove its capabilities at sealing large and small holes. The team reported “The test data shows that K-Seal is capable of sealing 0.025in (0.635mm) diameter holes and 0.010in (0.254mm) wide by 0.5in (12.7mm) long slots satisfactorily when tested in accordance with ASTM D3147, a Standard Test Method for Testing Stop-Leak Additives for Engine Coolants.”


K-Seal Coolant Leak Head Gasket Repair Kalimex


Testing also demonstrated that K-Seal sealed leaks in test conditions 100% of the time, and that K-Seal could pass through a 0.85mm sieve without clogging or gumming the gaps. This reinforces the claim that K-Seal is safe to use with all types of water-cooled engines.


Mike Schlup, Kalimex Managing Director said: “What we learnt from the market research this year is that peer group influence is important in driving the ongoing and consistent demand for K-Seal. The support it enjoys from trade professionals is crucial.

As the global distributor of K-Seal we have to continue promoting the independent lab testing which is proof of K-Seal’s abilities to seal leaks large and small.” 


A few comments made by motor factors when asked why they recommend K-Seal.
“I sell it to the trade and they tell me it works.”
“Garages use it for head gasket repairs and sometimes they put into the car after the repair as a preventative measure for added protection.”


You can read the full Brighton University test result summary here:

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