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It might only be the first week of 2014 but we have already received some excellent customer reviews:

I had a leak from radiator in my mk4 Golf. Tried radweld twice which didn’t stop it. I put this stuff in a month ago and it did leak a little for the first week but now its completely stopped. You have to give it time to go round the coolant system.

I would buy it again for sure. Saved me money on a new radiator…for now! (Drokkeh – Amazon Verified Purchase)



This product does work. I had a leak in the heater matrix of my Mazda Bongo and put this product into the header tank.


K-Seal Permannent Coolant Leak Repair And Head Gasket Fix

The first bottle did not seal it completely so ordered second one and it worked – no leaks now. In retrospect I would buy 2 bottles first off to save on postage. If one worked I would save the second one for any future use. And the price is very good compared to buying it at your local car spares shop around £14.99. So buy it as it does work.
(Loneranger – Amazon Verified Purchase UK)

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Head Gasket Failure? Cracked Head or Block?
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