Top 10 Bugbears for Motorists

Unless you have a zen-like approach to being on the road, the chances are that other motorists will drive you round the bend from time to time. Well, you’re not alone! Here are the top 10 motoring bugbears that make us see red.

  1. Using a mobile phone to text or talk when driving
  2. Tailgating
  3. Failing to indicate
  4. Dangerous overtaking manoeuvres
  5. Middle lane cruising
  6. Last minute braking
  7. Undertaking
  8. Hesitant driving
  9. Slow to pull from traffic lights
  10. Jumping lights

Is anyone brave or honest enough to confess to committing one or more of these cardinal driving sins? Personally, we’re tend to be middle lane cruisers…

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