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K-Seal Handles The Pressure

Joe Dougherty runs his own drag racing team and together with driver Jimmy Saiber takes part in the NHRA Drag Racing Championship in the USA. The car uses a 565 cubic inch Chevy big block producing 943 bhp and running 7.2 seconds/182.5 mph on the quarter mile. Earlier this year they were preparing to race at ATCO Raceway in New Jersey following a comprehensive engine upgrade but then disaster struck.


K-Seal Repairs Drag Racecar Coolant Leak July 2014


The radiator had developed a leak and coolant was shooting out. John explains more, “It was a real kick in the butt and we were ready to go home as we had no way to repair the leak at the track. But then a guy told us we should try K-Seal. We got some at the store across the street and poured it in to the cooling system. We literally watched the leak stop and then hold fast. We raced for the whole day and were even awarded Best Engineered Car. K-Seal really saved the day.”


K-Seal has been used in a variety of race cars including an Escort Cosworth WRC car and even a pre-war Alfa Romeo Grand Prix car.

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